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Vagthol’s Company Wellness Program-Hike 1!

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Vagthol’s Company Wellness Program-Hike 1!

Today we took our first hike through Griffith Park as a team working towards wellness together! We are all going to be working together, but also pushing each other further through friendly competition, to become healthier people and hopefully drop a few pounds along the way.

Today we broke up the “Biggest Loser” competitors into groups which we will use to gain extra prizes along the way. Every week we go for a hike the house who has the most employees represented will also be given an extra $100 to go towards extra veggies and fish for the house to share. (Remember, eat healthy!)

More info and updates will be posted on this blog as we go, as well as any other important company info. Here are some photos from our hike today. Enjoy!