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Mission Statement:

“Vagthol’s is committed to delivering the highest quality community living options for adults and seniors with developmental disabilities. In partnership with families and the Regional Center, our standard is to assist consumers to achieve their full potential as active and contributing members of the community.”

Living Room

Testimonials From Family Members

“We are so grateful for the placement services provided by Lanterman which enabled us to find our son his ‘forever home’. It is with full recommendation and support that we would encourage anyone considering this transition to give their loved one this chance to also have this level of incredible care and attention”. –L.G.

“Right now my daughter, and I could not feel any better than we do about her current living situation. First of all the care is phenomenal. Each time we visit we see her personality and humor coming back. They have gradually decreased her meds (with close medical supervision); she is on the road to be able to walk again; she is feeding herself (the food looks so good and is recognizable as food); a beautiful wheelchair that fits her, and a bedroom with special bed all fit for a princess. Best of all she is happy and laughing again”. –B.A.

“Since 1994 Vagthol’s Residential Care Facility has been home to my dear brother-in-law. As a resident there his quality of life has greatly improved. Because they help him to be as independent as possible, he lives a life of dignity. I credit the personal attention from the staff for making him a happier person today. They love him as they would a family member. I know he’s in good hands and I’m so very grateful that he’s given the best of care”. –N.B.

“I realized that my daughter’s community placement to Vagthol’s Residential Care Center turned out to be a ‘God Send’ event which led to the beginning of a new chapter in my daughter’s life”. –D.A.

“I have a daughter who has been in the home on Mariposa Street for about ten years now. The improvement she has made since she’s been there is amazing. She is off most of her medication. She now does chores such as set the table and start the laundry…The staff at the home are really great. They really care about the clients”. –A.M.

“My sister was moved to Vagthol’s from Lanterman Hospital. I was very concerned about this action, but have come to realize it was a wonderful occurrence as the care and attentiveness by the staff surpasses all my expectations. Thank you”. –B.K.