Client Benefits

Program Focus

Vagthol’s specializes in residential care focused on supporting the whole person, that each person has strengths as well as challenges.

We support individuals with severe to profound mental retardation and multiple disabilities including medical, sensory or behavioral challenges.




Our Clients benefit from the following:

  • Attractive living environments that are ADA accessible
  • Private & shared bedrooms with non-ambulatory clearances
  • Interdisciplinary team with emphasis on individual health, safety, & wellness (“Whole Person Approach”)
  • Continuous collaboration with licensed OT, PT, RN, Nutrition, Speech, Psychologist
  • Recreation
  • Staffing Ratio of 1:2 by competent and caring staff
  • Multi-sensory program supervised by a consulting OTR
  • Physical exercise program supervised by a consulting RPT
  • Access to medical specialists in the community
  • A Medical Director with admitting privileges to neighboring accredited acute hospitals
  • Intensive active treatment program, behavioral support using positive strategies, normalization and commitment to supporting choices and meaningful consumer outcomes
  • Each home has a Registered Nurse that is responsible for coordinating consumer care plans