Vagthol’s Ville: More Info

Vagthol’s Ville, developed in partnership with Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center and the Southern California Integrated Health and Living Project, is a fully renovated 3,200 sq. ft. home in Hollywood, CA that has managed to take Quality of Care to a new level of excellence for our clients. Vagthol’s Residential Care Center has made it a priority in all of their homes to build a warm, inviting, and safe environment to allow clients to transition successfully from State Developmental Centers to community living. All of the homes strive to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly as well. 

Vagthol's Ville

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Green Technology

  • Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panel’s installed on roof providing 60-70% of monthly electricity
  • Sustainable Metrofloor Hybrid, laminated and eco-friendly flooring throughout the home
  • Honeywell High Efficiency “HEPA” type filters at air handlers
  • High efficiency HVAC unit
  • High efficiency tankless water heater
  • Solar tube skylights in bathrooms and hallways for natural lighting source
  • Effective insulation installed in all exterior walls with sealant; this makes it 69.9% more energy efficient than the standard home
  • Energy efficient windows with a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) less than or equal to 0.3
  • Energy Star qualified appliances and lighting with compact fluorescent lighting

Property Amenities

  • 24/7 highly trained support personnel
  • Gated property with 24 hour surveillance system
  • Ceiling Hoists (Guldmann Lifts) located in main bathroom as well as client bedrooms
  • Full Access bathing system for persons who utilize wheelchairs
  • Fire Life System complete with monitoring station, strobes, and emergency lighting
  • Automatic fire sprinklers and alarm system throughout the house
  • Ceiling fans installed in all bedrooms to aid in natural ventilation and heating and cooling
  • All private Client’s rooms are equipped with extra long beds with elevation adjustable base, wired remote massage, and modern memory foam mattress

Attention to Details

  • Quiet Rock 525 Drywall used in all client’s rooms and exterior walls of home (Sound Transmission Coefficient rating of this wall is equivalent to 8 layers of standard drywall)
  • Zone control with thermostats in each of the client’s rooms to insure personal air comfort
  • Milgard Quiet Line 7120 STC rated windows in all client rooms. These windows have three layers of glass and carry a STC rating of 48
  • Wall hung toilets in client bathrooms to aid in proper lean-up and sanitation
  • Low VOC paints used througout interior of the house